Marine Corps League Uniform information

The only item required for MCL members to be considered “in uniform” is a red cover with proper information/pins (EGA, etc). To get your items, please visit the SEMPER FI Store.

Marine Corps League Patch
Uniform Guidance

Marine Corps League and Department of Defense medals and/or ribbons should NEVER be mixed on any uniform. The wearer has only the choice of wearing authorized medals and/or ribbons of either, but never both together and mixed.

One, two or three Large (Standard) Marine Corps League medals or Department of Defense medals may be worn centered over the left breast pocket of the Marine Corps League Red Blazer Uniform. Medals must be mounted on a single ribbon bar.

Members are expected to know their individual authority to wear Department of Defense medals, ribbons, badges, devices, and awards and the proper way to wear those decorations. Appropriate military uniform directives should be referenced for proper precedence of Marine Corps or other Department of Defense medals and/or ribbons.

Marine Corps League Associate Patch
Associate Member Uniform

The Uniform Code for both male and female apply to all Associate Members with the following exceptions:

The Associate member is to wear the Marine Corps League sunburst insignia in lieu of the Marine Corps Emblem on the cover. The 1/2″ x 1/2″ gold “MCL” insignia will be worn on the shirt collars.

The Marine Corps League “Associate” shoulder patch will be worn in lieu of the standard Marine Corps League shoulder patch. (Paragraph IV, A)

Flag patch, on right shoulder, may be worn (Paragraph IV, B)

No Blazer Crest/Bullion Seal will be worn unless one is designed and approved by a National Convention.

Marine Corps Dress Blue trousers may be worn, but without the NCO “red” stripe.